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Why Our Customers Choose Us ?

Strong Supplier Relationships

Follow the Market and Supplier developments, work in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

Storage and Delivery on Time

Deliver the right products with the desired amount at the right time from our own warehouse by our service vehicles.

Sales and Technical Support

As you can get all kind of information about Product portfolio, inventory status and order supplies by contacting to our Sales Team, also you can get service from Polymer Engineer of our Technical Support Team about any technical problems might encounter in the process of manufacturing.

Wide Range of Products

Serving more than 35 Industries with our strong supplier relationships and Turkey Sales Distributorships.


  • Office: Başak Mahallesi, Ihlamur Park Sitesi, Ihlamur Sokak, V1 K12 Villa, Başakşehir / Istanbul

  • Phone : 0 212 482 75 99

  • Email : info@kolumanplastik.com