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General Purpose

KUMHO Polystyrene (PS) has excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, easy to color, and gloss products. Its mold processing is excellent. Its harmlessness meets the FDA regulations related to food. It satisfies regulations on fire proofing, mechanical property and electrical property which are essential to the design of electric and electronic parts. Kumho flame-retardant PS resin has a balance of superior physical properties, excellent impact strength, flow ability, heat stability and mold ability but also has outstanding secondary process abilities such as painting and adhesion.

  • Specific Gravity :1.04 g/cm³ 
  • Tensile Strenght : 40-50 MPa 
  • Flexural Modulus : 2100-2200 MPa 
  • IZOD Impact Strenght (notched) :140-150 kj/m²
  • Heat Deflection Temperature : 93 ºC 
  • Vicat Softening Temperature :100 ºC

Medical equipments

  • Electronic and home appliences
  • Various equipments panels
  • Automotive


  • Refrigerator covers
  • Toys
  • Watch and radio covers
  • Furniture
  • Thermal insulation

GPPS, GPPS can be shaped with general polymer moulding processes.(similar to SAN) 
Processing temperature : 180-230 ºC

GPPS Extrusion Grade
GPPS Injection Grade


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